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Track your website's position over time

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Simple Keyword Ranking

You want potential customers to find your website so you need to be 'prominent' in the major search engine(s). Hublah enables you to track where you and your competitors are placed in a Google for any given keyword in real-time.

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Track Keywords Over Time

Hublah finds this information for you. Either on an ad hoc basis or on a pre defined schedule. We store the historical information from your searches so you which you can then track your Search Engine Ranking Positions over time via a handy chart.

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Track Your Competitors

It is also very helpful to know who your competitors are and where they rank for the same keywords? Hublah includes a handy competitor search tool, so once you've added your keywords you can track which competitors appear against each keyword too.

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Development Path

We want to improve Hublah as best we can so you come back and not only use it but get the best results out of the service as possible. So, if you have any suggestions at all for new features or something doesn't quite work as you expected then please contact our Customer Support team.

Known Fixed Issues:

  • Support for Localised Searches (i.e. UK, FR etc) - 25/10/2013 11:45:31
  • Keyword found multiple time within a subset of 10 results - skewing graph results and general results - 01/07/2013 12:00:00

This is a list of features that we are hoping to add in the future:

  • Additional search engines (i.e. Bing, Yahoo, Ask etc)
  • Exportable Data (in XML, JSON and CSV format)
  • Ability to track and monitor Competitor SERPs
  • Keyword Suggestion Tool
  • Implement login on successful registration
  • Referral scheme - Free credits for "User get User" campaign - thanks @willneedham for that suggestion.

Known issues/bugs which need fixing:

  • Lots of searches returning 101 - Not Found in Top 100 - suggest prompt for more specific keywords
  • UX on Competitor Search when no search has been carried out initially